• Its operational objectives include

    • Acting as a hub to network the khadi related institutions
    • Developing machineries suitable for decentralized khadi clusters
    • Providing leadership in ‘product design and development’ to add value thus enhancing the market potential of khadi
    • Creating quality norms, quality testing network and quality guidance systems for khadi sector
    • Dissemination of technologies through modern methods of training including incubation and thus creating sustainable model of technology transfer
  • Facilities

    Well equipped quality assurance laboratory, with more than two dozen testing instruments, for determination of quality parameters from fibre to garment, is available in MGIRI. The other facilities include:

    mini central sliver plant, solar charkha workshed, handloom workshed with dobby / jacquard, semi automatic looms, CATD facilities, design studio, hank dyeing m/c, calendaring m/c, stain removing unit, water softening plant, jigger dyeing m/c, 2-bowl padding mangle etc.

  • Current Technology Focus

    • Improvisation of charkha and effecting corresponding changes in solar charkha.
    • Design and fabrication of more versatile hank dyeing and mercerization machines.
    • Technology development for the pre-spinning operations of desi wool and silk besides cotton.
    • Design and development of woven khadi fabrics and costumes according to market trends; extension of knitting technology to khadi sector and introduction of fancy and blended yarns into khadi sector – & establishing replicable models of design studio; The extensive design studio at MGIRI has already come up with more than two hundred designs now beginning to be disseminated via web.
    • Development of the technology of dyeing and finishing of cotton, wool and silk khadi with priority with natural dyes and eco-friendly chemicals.
  • Technologies completed with major impact

    Follow up of the breakthrough ‘MGIRI-solar charkha’ with textile technological aspects suited to the solar yarn:

    • Solar Fab Mart’ model of cheaper garments
    • Solar yarn based hosiery products
    • Solar yarn based rare textile products including medical textiles
  • Soft and stiff finish technology

    Soft and stiff finish technology was transferred to Shree Kshretriya Gandhi Ashram, Barabanki, U.P. by establishing a viable commercial Common Facility Centre through the initiative of Dr R B Chavan of IIT Delhi, (former Consultant, MGIRI) in collaboration with the KVIC.

  • Quality norms and codes

    Quality norms and codes brought into khadi sector through the efforts of Dr R B Chavan and hand books created in Hindi and English. The concept has been introduced in the Khadi institutions through the KVIC.