• The Division itself is organized

    • To develop technology for innovative, value added, high quality products for rural industries related to food products, herbal drugs, herbal cosmetics, neutraceuticals, feed supplements, bio-fertilizer, bio-pesticides, pro-biotics, etc. and to disseminate the technology to MSMEs to strengthen their product range and quality so that they become competitive in the domestic as well as global markets.
    • To work on scientific validation, quality evaluation and standardization of the above items; in particular to help standardize traditional knowledge based products.
  • Facilities Available in the Division

    • Testing of quality and certification as per NABL norms in respect of the areas (a) mentioned above.
    • Sophisticated instruments viz. HPLC, HPTLC, AAS with microwave digestion system (for analysis of As, Hg, Ni, Cd and other metals), GC, UV Spectrophotometer and Flame photometer.
  • Technology Available for Commercialization

    • Innovative Biomanure Diagnostic Kit: for instant estimation of N, P, K and organic carbon in biomanures.
    • Innovative Microbial Diagnostic Kit: for instant estimation of microbial population in biomanures / biofertilizers.
    • Technology for nitrogen fixers and phosphate solubiliser for sustainable agriculture: rhizobium, azotobactor, azospirillum, blue green algae, bacillus megaterium, aspergillus awamori, etc.
    • Bio-pesticides for sustainable agriculture:
      • Trichoderma virdi,
      • pseudomonas, etc.
    • Technology of protein Hydrolysate / amino acid for Agri- based industry. Innovative calcium lactate technology from sugar dust / sugar, for food, feed and pharmaceutical industry.
    • New and innovative products like syrups, flavored and health care tea, herbal gulal, herbal hair oil, natural cosmetics, etc.
  • Consultancy services are available

    for areas (a) mentioned above and also for food products like dextrose syrup, maltodextrin and spirulina; pharmaceutical Industry viz. sarbitol, calcium gluconate and calcium lactate; feed industry: protein hydrolysate and probiotics; agro-industry: agro-micronutrients like zinc gluconate, manganese and iron.

  • Pilot plant facilities for incubation scheme / training

    Fermenter, spray drier, solvent extraction plant, water extraction unit, essential oil extraction plant, Dhoop-batti and mosquito coil making machine.

    Infrastructure for biscuits & cookies sandwiching, packaging, planetary mixer & juice extraction for pilot scale production.