Mission of M&S

Management and Systems Division of MGIRI provides information and communication technologies based solutions for rural industrialization with a view to enhance their global competitiveness.

Major activities of M&S
  • Identify ICT-based innovative solutions for problems faced by MSME with focus on KVI sector / micro-enterprises and devise appropriate delivery systems for the above.
  • Create effective networking among the micro-enterprises and their stake holders. In particular help MGIRI function as a reliable hub among S&T and management institutions so that problems and solutions are shared.
  • Generate a database that would help achieve the above – with focus on:
    – Technology
    – Innovative products / organizations
    – Quality / standards of processes and products
  • Help disseminate the technologies developed by MGIRI and its interface partners through e-learning, computer based training kits etc.
  • Create e-based expert systems in collaboration with interface institutions of MGIRI that would guide MSMEs.
  • Infrastructure

    M&S has infrastructure to provide ICT support among the various divisions of MGIRI. This includes servers, wi-fi, work-stations for design studio and CBT production lab facilities with extensive audio / video recording. For the MSME sector the division has presently two websites:
    More web based services are in the offing.

    Salient features of the websites



    www.ruralhaat.com has the objective of providing visibility to the products of SHGs, micro-enterprises etc. Potential consumer is expected to link with the producer through SMS / email / telephone.

    This web site assists Khadi institutions in accessing trendy designs (both woven designs and costume designs) created through the network of design labs of MGIRI at Wardha and other locations. Basically this will cater to the garment network: Solar Fab Mart (SFM) / Khadi Fab Mart (KFM) under development by MGIRI.


    The core scientific team of Management and Systems division: